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Colloquiums, Masterclasses,

and Public Lectures

Master Class

Primary Organizer, “Masterclass with YIM Soon-rye,” Lee Foundation Lecture Theatre, NTU WKWSCI. Singapore, 18 October 2019.

I organized a masterclass of a South Korean film director and screenwriter YIM Soon-rye. YIM is considered one of the few leading female auteurs of Korea's film renaissance in the 21st century. She is the director of such critically acclaimed and commercially successful films as THREE FRIENDS (1996), WAIKIKI BROTHERS (2001), FOREVER THE MOMENT (2008), SOUTHBOUND (2013), WHISTLEBLOWER (2014), and LITTLE FOREST (2018). The Korean Embassy in Singapore supported this event.

Co-Organizer (with HEO Chul), “Masterclass with KIM Bora,” NTU ADM, Singapore,13 September 2019.

ADM’s Associate Professor HEO Chul and I co-organized a masterclass of a South Korean film director KIM Bora. KIM is a Korean filmmaker with an MFA in film directing from Columbia University. Her debut feature, House of Hummingbird, won the Best International Narrative at Tribeca Film Festival, the Grand Prix for Best Feature Film at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival Generation 14 plus, and won NETPAC and Audience awards at the 23rd Busan International Film Festival.

Co-Organizer (with Nikki Draper), “Masterclass with Sandra Rodriguez: Revisiting Reality -The Art of Storytelling in a Digital Age,” NTU WKWSCI, Singapore,18 November 2017.

I co-organized a masterclass of a Canada and US-based Spanish media artist Sandra Rodriguez’s masterclass. Sandra Rodriguez is a creative director (interactive/VR/MR) and a sociologist of new media technology. A Lecturer and a Visiting Scholar at MIT CMS, she is a Fellow of the MIT OpenDocLab, and currently Heads the Creative Reality Lab at EyeSteelFilm, and Emmy Awarded company based in Montreal, where she explores the future of immersive documentary in VR/AR/AI.

Primary Organizer, “Masterclass with KIM Gina: Transnational Cinema and Virtual Reality - An Artist’s Perspective,” NTU WKWSCI, Singapore, 29 August 2017.

I organized a masterclass of a US-based Korean film director and educator, Gina Kim’s masterclass. The five critically acclaimed feature-length and numerous short films of Kim have screened at many prestigious film festivals including Berlin, Venice, Locarno, Rotterdam, Pusan, Deauville, and Sundance well as MoMA, the Smithsonian, and Centre Pompidou in Paris. Kim is currently a full professor at UCLA’s prestigious film department. 

WKWSCI Cinema Studies Colloquium Series


Primary Organizer

10 November 2020

Online (Zoom)

"Films of Bong Joon-Ho"

Nam Lee (Associate Professor, Chapman University)

3 November 2020

Online (Zoom)

"South Korean Cinema and Women"

Chung-kang Kim (Assistant Professor, Hanyang University)

6 February 2020
“Girls in Tech: Unspoken Inequalities in a Gendered Culture  ”
LEUNG Wing-Fai (Lecturer, King’s College London)


22 April 2019
“Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Disney: Hollywood In the Age of the Global Blockbuster”
Wyatt Phillips (Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University)

10 March 2020  

“Film Festival and Film Market”
Nelson MOK  (Director of Asia Production & International Sales, Endeavor Content LLC) 

23 March 2020  
“Singapore Independent Cinema”

LEONG Puiyee (Film Programmer at the Singapore International Film Festival & Program Manager of Objectifs Center for Photography and Film)

28 January 2019
“Capturing the Cult Personality on Documentary Film”
Joyojeet Pal (Associate Professor, The University of Michigan)

29 August 2017
LT The Hive (LHS-01-04)
“The Origins, Development, and Current State of Chinese Ecocinema Studies”
Sheldon Lu (Professor of Film Studies, University of California, Davis)

22 September 2017
Conference Room, WKWSCI
“How the Busan International Film Festival has Helped the Korean Film Industry, and Vice 
Darcy Paquet (Professor, Busan Asian Film School)

15 September 2017
Conference Room, WKWSCI

“Singapore Chinese Film Festival”
David Lee Fu Nang (Singapore Film Society) and Foo Tee Tuan (SUSS)

16 February 2017

LT The Hive (LHS-01-04)

“Disturbing Femininities in Contemporary Thai Cinema”

Rachel Harrison (Professor, SOAS University of London)

2 September 2016


“Nativist Historiography or Transnational Chinese-Language Cinema: A Recent Debate"

Sheldon Lu (Professor, University of California, Davis)

21 October 2016


“Yingying, Zhenzhen, and Fenfen?: China at the Film Festivals”

Dina Iordanova (Professor, University of St. Andrews)

28 September 2016

“Forever Girls: Girlhood and Contemporary South Korean Cinema and Media”

Jinhee Choi (Reader, King’s College London)

7 April 2016


“Bollywood Poetics: Reincarnation and Anamnesis"

Richard Allen (Professor and Dean, City University of Hong Kong)

24 March 2016

HSS Conference Room

“Problematizing Chinese Film Genealogy: Early Film Exhibition in Hong Kong” 

Emilie Yueh-yu Yeh (Professor and Dean, Hong Kong Baptist University)


“Film Artists in Wartime: The Use of Puppets"
Darrell William Davis (Associate Professor, Lingnan University)

21 January 2016


“Afterthoughts on “For an Abusive Subtitling”

Markus Nornes (Professor, The University of Michigan)


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