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Edited Journal Special Issues


Lee, S., Jin, D., and Hong, S. (2023). Is Netflix Riding the Korean Wave or Vice Versa? International Journal of Communication (November 2023).

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This Special Section on Is Netflix Riding the Korean Wave or Vice Versa? aims to provide a better understanding of the ways in which Netflix has influenced the local cultural industries in terms of the shift in cultural genres and industry structure. The authors present works from critical studies, cultural studies, and platform studies perspectives, partly using Squid Game—one of the most famous Netflix originals—to anchor their analyses.

Lee, S. (2019). Reorienting Asian cinema in the age of the Chinese film market. Screen, 60 (2).

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This special issue focuses on the transformations of the regional film industry's practices, creative labor, artistic challenges, inter-Asian film co-production, regional politics, and media memories juxtaposed with and in response to the Chinese film market’s quantum leap, which remains an underdeveloped research area. I am the sole editor of this special issue.

Lee, S., and Leung, W. (2019). The Chinese Film Industry: Emerging Debates. The Journal of Chinese Cinemas, 13 (3).

* Read the Introduction here.

The articles selected for this special issue come from a momentous gathering of scholars and industry players at the Chinese Film Market and Asian Cinema conference in 2017. LEUNG Wing-Fai and I have co-edited this special issue.


Lee, S., and Liew K. (2020). Transmedia and Asian Cinema. Asian Cinema, 31 (2).


The four articles in this dossier seek to address some of the issues flagged here on the transmedia and Asian cinema. This project's motivating factor came from many papers addressing transmedia cinema in a conference organized by the editors on the Chinese Film Market and Asian Cinema held in Singapore from 25 to 27 August 2017.

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