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Current Projects


Destination Hong Kong: South Korea’s Encounter with Sinophone Cinemas (Under Contract with Amsterdam University Press)

Destination Hong Kong will explore the ways South Korean cinema during the Cold War was shaped by a regional and trans-regional network that included the diasporic Sinophone cinemas in Southeast Asia. More specifically, I will show that transnational coproduction practice affected what is commonly perceived as national cinemas.


Edited Books


The South Korean Film Industry (lead editor)

The University of Michigan Press (June 2024)

The South Korean Film Industry will provide the first detailed scholarly overview of the South Korean film industry. The book will map out a compelling and authoritative vision of how that field may be approached in historical and industrial terms. To achieve this aim, The South Korean Film Industry, as a collaborative project, will be edited by three academics – Sangjoon Lee (Nanyang Technological University; lead editor), Dal Yong Jin (Simon Fraser University), and Cho Junhyoung (Korean Film Archive). I expect to see the volume’s publication in June 2024.

Remapping the Cold War in Asian Cinemas (lead editor)

The Amsterdam University Press (July 2024)

This edited volume, tentatively titled Asian Cinema and the Cultural Cold War, will include 18 essays that will be presented at the same title conference. The conference is currently scheduled to be held in May 2021 as a virtual conference. I expect to see the volume’s publication in July 2024.

The Routledge Companion to Asian Cinema (co-editor)

This ambitious edited volume with massive 40-45 chapters will easily be one of the most important publications in the field of Asian cinema. It will be co-edited by four editors, including Zhang Zhen (New York University; lead editor), Debashree Mukherjee (Columbia University), Intan Paramaditha (Macquarie University), and myself. I expect to see the volume’s publication in August 2024.

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