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Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Lee S.A, Worthy B., Choe, S., Lee, S.J., Nickl B, and E. Rayward. (2020).  The Appeal of Korea: Transnational Korean screen culture in America and Australia, Australasian Journal of American Studies, 39(2). 

Lee, S. (2020). Cinema and the Cultural Cold War in Asia, Contemporanea 23 (3): 451-57


Lee, S. (2019). The South Korean Film Industry and the Chinese Film Market. Screen, 60 (2): 332-44.#


Lee, S. (2019). Introduction: Reorienting Asian cinema in the age of the Chinese film market. Screen, 60 (2): 298-302.

Lee, S., and Leung W. (2019). Introduction: The Chinese Film Industry - Emerging Debates. Journal of Chinese Cinemas, 13 (3): 198-201.

Lee, S. (2019). Rediscovering Korean Cinema. In Rediscovering Korean Cinema, ed. Sangjoon Lee. University of Michigan Press, 1-33.

Lee, S. (2019). Seoul-Hong Kong-Macau: Love with an Alien (1957) and Postwar South Korea-Hong Kong Coproduction. In Asia-Pacific Film Coproduction, eds. Dal Yong Jin and Wendy Su. Routledge, 256-274. 


Lee, S. (2018). Hawaii, Cannes, and Los Angeles: Projecting South Korean Cinema to the World. International Journal of Korean History, 23 (1): 123-140.

Lee, S. (2018). From the Committee for a Free Asia to The Asia Foundation: CIA, Cinema, and the Cultural Cold War in Asia. Korean Studies Journal 48: 49-84. [IN KOREAN]

Lee, S. (2018). The Asian Film Festival and the Cultural Cold War in Korea. In Worlding Korean Cinema or Korean Cinema Encountering the World, eds. Soyoung Kim. Contemporary Culture Publishing, Korea, 323-354 [IN KOREAN]. 

Lee, S. (2017). Destination Hong Kong: The Geopolitics of South Korean Espionage Films in the 1960s. The Journal of Korean Studies, 22 (1): 346-364. 


Lee, S. (2017). The Asia Foundation’s Motion Picture Project and the Cultural Cold War in Asia. Film History, 29 (2): 108-137. 


Lee, S. (2017). Creating an Anti-Communist Motion Picture Producers’ Network in Asia: The Asia Foundation, Asia Pictures, and the Korean Motion Picture Cultural Association. Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and Television, 37 (3): 517-538.
*Awarded the David H. Culbert Prize for the Best Article by an Established Scholar in 2017.


Lee, S. (2017).  La diplomazia culturale americana, la Guerra fredda e il cinema di Hong Kong negli anni Cinquanta [American Cultural Diplomacy, Cold War, and Hong Kong Cinema in the 1950s]. Cinema e Storia. Rivista di studi interdisciplinary, 5 (1): 131-142. [IN ITALIAN]


Lee, S. (2017). Dracula, Vampires, and Kung Fu Fighters: The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires and Transnational Horror Co-production in 1970s Hong Kong. In Transnational Horror Cinema: Bodies of Excess and the Global Grotesque, eds. Sophia Siddique Harvey and Raphael Raphael. Palgrave/MacMillan, 65-80. 


Lee, S. (2015). On John Miller's ‘The Korean Film Industry’: The Asia Foundation, KMPCA, and Korean cinema, 1956. Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema, 7 (2): 95-112. 


Lee, S. (2015). A Decade of Hallyu Scholarship in the English Language Sphere: Toward a New Direction in Hallyu 2.0. In Hallyu 2.0: The Korean Wave in the Age of Social Media, eds. Sangjoon Lee and Abe Markus Nornes. University of Michigan Press, 1-27.


Lee, S. (2015). From Diaspora TV to Drama Korean TV Drama in America. In Hallyu 2.0: The Korean Wave in the Age of Social Media, eds. Sangjoon Lee and Abe Markus Nornes. University of Michigan Press, 172-191.
Lee, S. (2013). The Emergence of the Asian Film Festival: Cold War Asia and Japan’s Re-entrance to the Regional Market in the 1950s. In Oxford Handbook of Japanese Cinema, ed. Miyao Daisuke, Oxford University Press, 232-250.

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Lee, S.J. (2012). It’s “Oscar” Time in Asia!: the Rise and Demise of the Asian Film Festival, 1954-1972. In Coming Soon to a Festival Near You: Programming Film Festivals, ed. Jeffrey Ruoff. St. Andrews University Press, 173-187.

Lee, S. (2011). Toward a Theory of Transnational Film History. Contemporary Film Studies 11: 39-65.

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